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Perch Placement GuidelinesWhen deciding where to place perches consider the following:

  •     Place perches at multiple levels within the cage to encourage movement & climbing.
  •     Don't overcrowd the cage as this inhibits movement.
  •     Don't place the perch so close to the sides that the birds tail hits the cage bars
  •     Don't place perches directly over food or water dishes.
  •     Birds like to sleep and spend most of their time on the highest perch in the cage.  A secure natural or rope perch is recommended for this position.
  •     Place a cement perch near the food dish as birds often will use this surface to clean their beaks.
  •     A flexible perch may convey a sense of swaying in a tree branch.
  •     Make sure perches are safe and secure in your parrot’s cage.
  •     Many birds are easier to get out of their cage if a short "come out" perch is attached to the inside of a swinging door.
  •     Don't place edible perches where at risk of being pooped on.

    Image by GuideYourPet

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