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 perch materials

Perch Type Advantages Considerations
Natural Wood

Built in grip variety, birds love to strip bark, provides chewing outlet.

Make sure wood is pesticide/insecticide free and is a safe, non-toxic wood for birds.
Rope Soft, comfortable and irregular gripping surface. Maintenance or replacement required if excessive fraying occurs.
Conditioning Reduces frequency of beak and nail grooming. Can irritate feet if alternate perch surfaces unavailable.
PVC/Acrylic Durable and easy to clean. Often too uniform in size, slippery if not textured.
Leather Soft, comfortable grip. Provides chewing outlet. Difficult to clean.
Milled Wood Dowel Inexpensive Size uniformity and smoothness doesn't exercise feet. Not recommended if additional perch alternatives not provided
Rubber/Latex Soft, good traction, colorful. Destructible by large beaks.



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