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African Grey Bobbing for ApplesFall is the season for fresh apples. Though many apple varieties are sold in supermarkets all year round, the freshest apples are available from September through November. I found some wonderful apples on sale at the grocers this past week and also discovered, quite by accident, a great new parrot enrichment activity.

I had a tub of apples soaking on the counter in vegetable wash when my Timneh, Buddy, climbed on the tub and leaned his beak in to get an apple. I removed the tub with vegetable wash and replaced it with a tub of clean water with some apples that had been washed and rinsed floating inside.

Buddy had a great time bobbing for apples in the tub. At first he went for the stems trying to pull the apple up out of the water. When the stems broke off and the apples fell back in the water, he would chase them around the tub trying his best to get a grip on one with his beak.

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