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Photo of Deb with Skye and PeanutDeb White, the creative force behind, has had a lifelong passion for pet birds ever since getting her first bird at the age of five. Unfortunately, she wasn't smart enough to recognize this essential theme of her life until 1992 when she decided to kick the corporate lifestyle, radically change career paths and start over by designing and building toys for pet birds. Her first company, Super Bird Creations has since become one the the largest, most respected bird toy companies in the US.

Recognizing there was a need for a comprehensive approach to parrot enrichment and owner education, Deb wanted to do something more to help people understand the full spectrum of a pet parrot's physical, instinctual and emotional needs. The original concept for Avian Enrichment was a book. However, deciding it was more important to make sure as many people as possible had unlimited and free access to the most up-to-date information, the book idea transformed into a website idea.


With Deb's experience of over 26 years in the pet bird business and more importantly, 50+ years of dedicated bird ownership, you can rest assured that will always strive to provide the best information on the care of parrots.

Where Avian Enrichment is located....

fastpaceThe Administrative and creative office of is located in Grand Junction, CO which is also the home of parent company Super Bird Creations, LLC as well as, and  



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