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Polly Records recently held auditions across the country to find four singing parrots to form a new band. The four birds chosen are now superstars. From the clues below can you determine what song each parrot auditioned with, their chosen "rock name", their breed and their age (12, 13, 14 or 15)?

1. "Feather Spice" is exactly two years younger or two years older than the cockatoo who auditioned with the Annie Lenox song "Little Bird".
2. Either "Eddie Van Screamin" or the macaw auditioned with Fleetwood Mac's "Song Bird".
3. The African Grey is younger than "Petey Punkster" but older than the bird who sang "Free Bird".
4. The 13 year old Amazon parrot isn't the one who auditioned with Bob Marley's "Three Little Birds".
5. "Robbie Rocker" is not the youngest band member. 

Feather Spice Eddie Van Screamin Petey Punkster Robbie Rocker
Little Bird Free Bird Song Bird 3 Little Birds
12 13 14 15
Little Bird
Free Bird
Song Bird
3 Little Birds


Rock Name Audition Song Species Age


Solution: Rock and Roll Parrots

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