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African Grey with Straw ToyThe Wacky Whirly Straw Kit, advertised for children to use to make bracelets, necklaces and more, is not just for children. The wacky whirly tool cuts straws in a swirly design that appeals to parrots and provides hours of entertainment for me as well as my feathered companions. You simply take a number of the cut straws, put them together with a zip tie and attach it to a toy base or the bars of the cage. I love this toy! I can spend hours in front of the television of an evening mindlessly twirling away at cutting straws. Perhaps it is comforting in the same way as twirling one's hair. An added bonus; this activity hampers mindless snacking as hands kept busy with the wacky whirly tool aren't putting popcorn, chips or pretzels in the mouth.

This is another activity that requires you to know your parrot. I watched each one of my birds closely at first when playing with the wacky whirly straws. When I was satisfied they weren't going to ingest pieces of straw or get caught up in them I added them to toys in their cages. For some parrots this might be a toy that requires close supervision, especially those that may ingest plastic. You can find th Wacky Whirly Tool and neon straws at


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