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African Grey New Year CelebrationI've pretty much given up on making New Year's Resolutions for myself. This year I decided to assign the task to my flock. In my fantasy world, here is what they came up with:

Zeke (25 yo African Grey): Stop snatching the glasses off my mom's face when she wants to kiss my beak. Stop saying "butthead" and learn how to say "I love you mom" instead. Resist snapping the keys off of computer keyboards and the fun chewy buttons off of remote controls. Prove to mom that money does really grow on trees so that she won't be so mad about her new leather chair and let me watch TV with her again.

Echo (14 yo Eclectus):  Stop flinging food all over the walls especially the pomegranate juice. Stop screaming "NO" at the new puppy whenever she watches me eat. Stop eating the dog's food even though every bit of food in the house is MINE! Special request from Mom....stop plucking my feathers.

Pico (12 yo African Grey): Remember to be nice to pet sitters when they want to feed me. Stop imitating the dog's whine that means "I need to go out" so that mom can relax.

Josie (12 yo Double Yellow Amazon): Find a way to get rid of that darn dog so that I can be out of my cage all day!

Skye (2 yo Quaker): Don't bite cheeks and toes anymore to get attention. Leave my mom's jigsaw puzzles alone.

The Parrotlet Squad

Talk mom into letting us eat at the dinner table every night! (Abbey, 7 yo)

Get that pretty blue bird in the mirror to talk back to me. (Blue Boy, 5 yo)

Convince the rest of the birds that I really, really am the biggest, baddest bird in the house! (Peanut, 8 yo) 

Definitely wishful thinking...but fun! What New Year's Resolutions would you like to have your bird's make?

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