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Parrots waste food when they forageWhen there is an abundance of food in a natural environment, birds have the luxury of being picky in their search for the most delectable fruit or berry.   As frustrating as it is to find our carefully prepared meals all over our carpets and sticking to our walls, they are not being obstinate or commenting on our culinary skills.  It is a natural behavior for birds to take just a few bites of something and then drop the rest.  Actually, in the wild, the flinging of food fulfills an important role in the ecosystem.  In the process of "wasting" food they are distributing seeds and providing food to ground dwelling species.   Unfortunately, this an example of a behavior that we must adapt to and accept (sigh).

There are steps you can take to minimize the environmental impact on your home and to make cleanup easier:

  • Hang shower curtains or sheets on the walls behind your bird's cage.
  • Use an easily cleaned floor protector under the cage.
  • Purchase a cage with skirt.
  • Use seed catchers and barriers.
  • Use covered crocks and bowls.
  • Use bird safe cage cleaners and cage scrubbers.

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