Parrot Enrichment Activity Books

KrisPorterMany of you may know Kris Porter from The Parrot Enrichment Activity Books.  These books are an incredible resource packed with tons of great enrichment ideas.   These books are available as free PDF downloads below.

Kris has also created a wonderful website at where she elaborates on the ideas presented in the Parrot Enrichment Activity Books. She also provides video instruction on how to encourage your parrot to learn to forage and engage in enrichment activities both inside and outside the cage. 

Throughout her website you will find instruction for how to make enrichment items either in video format or in free downloadable PDF documents. 


Parrot Enrichment Activity Book Volume 1

As parrot owners are always looking for ideas to keep our parrots busy and engaged in playful activities. In the following pages you will find several examples of parrot toys you can make at home. 

Parrot Enrichment Activity Book Volume 2

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. I am hopeful the photos of parrots engaged in active behaviors will be a source of inspiration to parrot owners looking for ways to enrich their bird’s environment. With this book I used photos to give you more ideas to help you provide your parrots with foraging opportunities, toys and activities for inside and outside the cage.  And I had help! On the following pages you will find articles, ideas and photos from a number of marvelously creative people all dedicated to enriching the environments of their parrots.

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