Cleaning Products Beware!

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Safe Household Cleaners for ParrotsMany standard household cleaners contain very harsh chemicals and are potentially deadly to our birds.    Birds are very sensitive to chemicals and fumes, therefore, it is very important to relocate your bird to another part of the house when using chemical cleaners.    There are many stories on the internet of birds who have died or have become ill as the result of exposure to the chemicals and fumes from carpet, furniture, bathroom, glass and oven cleaners.  Several products have been linked to bird deaths (Carpet Fresh, Fabreze, Scotchguard, Arm & Hammer Pet Fresh just to name a few).

If not toxic, most cleaners are at a minimum respiratory irritants.  Bleach, for example, gives off chlorine gas which is very harsh on a bird's lungs and any product with an aerosol delivery system should be avoided entirely.  

Fortunately, there are healthier and safer alternatives for both you and your bird that can be used that are also very effective at cleaning.   The following articles provide further guidance on homemade and natural cleaners that can be used for all of our standard household cleaning tasks:

For cage related cleaning tasks, ALWAYS choose bird safe cleaning products such as those sold on the AvianEnrichment site over standard cleaners.

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