Creating the Optimal Environment for Your Bird

Written by Deb White. Posted in Environment

Optimal Environment for your ParrotBirds in the wild are encircled by an amazingly vast, beautiful and always changing environment that is also full of challenge, opportunity, risk and reward. 

Parrots are free to define their own territory, choose their mates, search for interesting new foraging spots, decide what to eat, where to perch and where to sleep.  

We cannot come close to mimicking all the options that are available to parrots in nature, but as responsible parrot companions, it is up to us to recreate, to the best of our ability, an enriched environment that addresses our birds physical, emotional and instinctual needs.

We can accomplish this by:

  • educating ourselves as to their specific environmental needs
  • careful selection of safe cages and accessories
  • properly controlling their climate
  • providing the proper balance of light and dark
  • maintaining a clean and healthy environment and
  • providing them opportunities to explore and interact with their surroundings

Each of these areas of critical importance is discussed in further detail within our related articles and information sections.

Talk about environmental enrichment!.......check out this interesting video highlighting what one bird lover did to accommodate her feathered friends at home:



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You are forever responsible for what you have tamed.

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