The Seeking System

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Parrot Foraging ToysThis month I want to share a link to a new website,

I recently received a blog post from Parrot-Speak with Pamela Clark that gave me the best perspective on foraging I have ever read. In her May 8, 2011 posting: Episode 4: The Seeking System, Pam shares a quote from Temple Grandin's book Animals Make Us Human: "Everyone who is responsible for animals – farmers, ranchers, zookeepers, and pet owners – needs a set of simple, reliable guidelines for creating good mental welfare that can be applied to any animal in any situation, and the best guidelines we have are the core emotion systems in the brain. The rule is simple: Don't stimulate Rage, Fear, and Panic if you can help it, and do stimulate Seeking and also Play:

In this same blog post, Pamela, gives us a broader concept of the "Seeking System" and explains in greater detail how to stimulate seeking for companion parrots. I encourage you to visit Pamela Clark's new website and go to her Blog page to read Episode 4: The Seeking System, in its entirety. You might also want to subscribe to her blog so you can receive regular posts from Pamela Clark. Pam offers unique insights on how to live successfully with parrots. Her ability to see life from a parrot's perspective and show us how to improve the quality of life for the birds living in our own homes is unparalleled.

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