Cork Foot Toy

Written by Kris Porter. Posted in Enrichment Tips by Kris Porter

African Grey Playing with CorkI recently got a clay pot cooker and have been experimenting with adding wine to the pot to flavor roasts, poultry and stews. It occurred to me that instead of throwing away the wine cork, I could offer it to the parrots as a foot toy. I will usually leave one out on the counter for a parrot to "happen" by it and think he's found a prize. Or I put the corks into toy boxes, toy pails, or toy bowls along with other toy parts. Usually my birds will be busy throwing everything out of their toy box or bowl eagerly searching for the nutri-berry, nut or other treat hidden in amongst the toy parts. I have observed that instead of immediately throwing the cork aside, they stop and hold the cork and chew and shred it to pieces before throwing it to the floor or the bottom of the cage. While this idea is probably not a new one to many parrot owners; wine corks have only recently become a popular foot toy among my flock.

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